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#1 2018-08-08 03:24:52

Final Prestige
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The price of wooden furniture

The price of wooden furniture is so high. How can the price of wooden furniture be so high? The same product is 15% higher than last year, and the price rises really fast. Miss Yang, who is picking up wooden wardrobes, exclaimed. The reporter learned that the price of wooden furniture in many large furniture stores in Beijing has risen,
which is due to the shortage of timber resources. It is understood that Southeast Asia, Africa, North America and Russia have always been the main sources of timber imports in China. However, with the combination of forest resources reduction,
national policy restrictions, exchange rate and transportation costs, imported timber has a long-term shortage trend. . According to industry insiders, the implementation of natural forest protection projects in the country will reduce the supply of wood suitable for furniture production after the ban on cutting and cutting of forests,
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2018-08-08 03:24:52

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