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building materials

<p>Before treating the exterior roof, it is necessary to use cement mortar to level the ground before waterproofing, and then to make the roof waterproof, so that there will be no leakage after thinning. After the floor is cleaned, use a polyurethane waterproof paint brush 2-3 times, so that the waterproof effect is better, and leakage is not easy. The base treatment agent for striking composite decking in Cardiff the base treatment agent is diluted with a neoprene asphalt adhesive and added to gasoline. It must be evenly stirred, and then uniformly applied to the surface of the substrate with a large roller brush. After four hours, the coating can be started. The number and thickness of the coiled material coils should meet the design requirements. </p> <p>If you need more than one, the seams must be staggered. The modified bitumen waterproofing membrane is cut into a suitable size, and the coil is placed while being laid, and the base layer and the coil are heated by a flame spray gun. The coil 1%2F2 in plastic spacers for attaching deck to house should be parallel to the ridge, and then spread from the mouth to the top. The two-way flow slope should be lapped along the flow direction. The overlap width of the long side and the end is 80mm, and the end joint is staggered by 50mm. . The flat-laid coil should be connected to the fa├žade so that the coil is close to the yin and yang angles, and the coil cannot be pulled too tightly.</p> <p> How to make the heat-sealed roof waterproofing, heat the coil joints with a spray gun, and then firmly connect them together. The ends need to be tightly packed with sealing paste. After the water recycled wood plastic boards for barns layer water storage test coil waterproof layer is completed, confirm whether the style requirements, and then watering, the water surface should be higher than the highest point of the roof about 20 mm, observe after 24 hours, if it does not leak, it is qualified, otherwise Need to rework. To make the roof waterproof, it is necessary to pay attention to what the roof can not be waterproofed under five degrees Celsius or rainy days, which affects the construction quality. If it is used in wet and ventilated conditions, we can use ventilation equipment to make the waterproof coating film faster and avoid the quality of the waterproof layer. Within 24 hours after the construction of the waterproof coating, it is not allowed to walk on it, which will damage the waterproof layer. After the waterproofing is done, if there is no protective layer, there should be no iron, nails, steel bars, etc., and it should not be plastic deck rail panels Italy stacked on the waterproof layer to avoid damage to the waterproof layer.</p>



2018-08-08 02:12:11



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