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#1 2018-08-08 01:46:40

Final Prestige
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How to buy wood floor wax

<P>To maintain the durability and use of laminate flooring, it is imperative to pay attention to the details of daily maintenance, care and maintenance of the floor. With both solid wood quality and higher stability, the thickness of the surface layer of the composite solid wood floor is an important factor that determines its service life. The thicker the surface layer board, the longer the damage resistance time, and the ease of lacquer repairing composite solid wood flooring.</P>
<P>After the solid wood composite flooring is installed, you need to keep it fresh. During normal use, you should also pay attention to the following issues: Keep the floor dry, clean, avoid contact with large amounts of water, and do not allow caustic liquid such as alkaline water or soapy water. Scrub to prevent damage to the paint film. Daily cleaning can be done with a vacuum cleaner, or you can use a wrung cotton mop to clean composite solid wood flooring, but you can't wipe with too-moist mops, gasoline, flammable materials, and hot liquids.</P>
<P>The high-quality composite solid wood floor is made of high-density board. The weight of the board is heavy, the thickness is the same, the slotting is fine, and the two floors are seamlessly stitched. A look: high-quality composite solid wood flooring with smooth surface, gorgeous color and natural, thick layer on the back of moisture balance; poor quality composite flooring, rough surface, dull and dull color, the back of the moisture balance layer guarantees two listen: high quality composite solid wood flooring is generally surface wear layer, decorative Layers, ultra-high density substrate layer and moisture-proof balance bottom layer, etc., and processed by high-tech spraying.</P> "custom made pvc wall panel india,how to install video of eon balcony and deck tiles,black timber fences "



2018-08-08 01:46:40



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