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#1 2018-07-11 17:48:23

Final Prestige
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How to choose solid wood flooring

<P>The sound caused by the unevenness of the installation of solid wood flooring is very common. It is mainly due to the lack of leveling during the installation of solid wood flooring, the generation of suspension between the floor and the keel, or the absence of cushions in the wood keel. These are caused by the installation of solid wood flooring. The reason for the above movement will be audible noise. The solution to this problem is to improve the penetration of essential oils on the floors where there are small parts. If it is a large area, it is recommended to remove the heavy equipment.</P>
<P>Some manufacturers produce keel piled before drying, resulting in a large difference in the moisture content of the wood keel, so even in the floor installation process, the installer will level the wooden keel, floor noise is not the problem after the floor installation is complete, but in the After a period of use, the wooden keel will lose its balance due to changes in the moisture content, resulting in floor noise. To avoid this situation, the wooden keel is placed in the room for a week before the floor is installed. This can effectively reduce the occurrence of this situation.</P>
<P>Some workers in the solid wood floor installation construction with a wooden wedge and nail fixing method, will cause the wooden wedge and the nail contact surface is too small and the nail holding power is insufficient, can easily cause loose keel, when stepping on the floor There will be noise. This requires discussion with the construction engineer before the installation of the solid wood floor, and a better choice of keel fixation.</P>
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2018-07-11 17:48:23



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