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#1 2018-07-11 04:58:17

Final Prestige
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Analyze the color difference and reasons of solid wood flooring

<P>Paste cork flooring is generally divided into three-layer structure, the top layer is a wear-resistant water-based coating; in the middle is a pure hand-polished rare cork surface layer, this layer is a cork floor color; the bottom is the engineering cork base layer. Some products also add bark veneers and muted compartments.</P>
<P>Lock-up cork flooring is generally divided into six layers, the top layer is the first wear-resistant water-based coating; the second layer is a pure hand-polished cork surface, the layer is cork flooring color; the third layer is a level of ergonomics The softwood base layer; the fourth layer is the hdf (high density density board) after 7mm; the fifth layer is the buckle stitching system; the lowermost sixth layer is the secondary environmental engineering cork base layer.</P>
<P>From the perspective of the feet of two kinds of cork flooring, the production technology and technical requirements of the lock-type cork flooring are high, but the pavement is convenient, and the lock-on cork flooring can achieve a comfortable foot feeling. The usual thickness is 10mm. , It is 4mm more than the usual cork flooring, so the foot feel is more comfortable. Adhesive cork flooring is usually used 4mm thickness, the feeling of the foot is slightly worse than the "lock type", although the use of 6mm thickness will be improved, but the cost is higher.</P>
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2018-07-11 04:58:17



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