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STOCKHOLM ECCO Mens Cheja Sandals Warm Grey Olive Oil Australia , Feb. 5 (Xinhua) -- China's cancer researcher Zhu Chen won The Sjoberg Prize 2018, together with French researchers Anne Dejean and Hugues de The, for the unique treatment that cures a once fatal cancer, announced The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on Monday night.

According to a statement from the The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the prize was awarded to them "for the clarification of molecular mechanisms and the development of a revolutionary treatment for acute promyelocytic leukaemia".

This year's Sjoberg Laureates have developed a new and targeted treatment for a specific form of blood cancer called acute promyelocytic leukaemia. It was once one of the deadliest forms of cancer, but it is now possible to cure nine out of ten patients who receive the new treatment, the release reads.

The treatment is unique because it is the first standard treatment for acute leukaemia that does not include chemotherapy. Instead ECCO Chander Classic Fisherman Sandals Black Australia , a combination treatment is used, which consists of a form of vitamin A, "all-trans retinoic acid", also called ATRA, along with arsenic trioxide.

The idea of using arsenic comes from traditional medicine, but this method has been scientifically tested and proven in this form. The Laureates have made this revolutionary development possible by methodically mapping the molecular mechanisms responsible for the disease.

By identifying a specific genetic mutation and aiding the destruction of a faulty protein in specific cells, it was possible to stop the process that resulted in death for three out of four patients. This treatment means the cancer cells disappear because they lose the ability to renew themselves.

These discoveries have been made in stages since the 1980s ECCO Mens Yucatan Sandals Black Mole Australia , and the treatment's effects have been confirmed in numerous scientific studies. In many countries, this treatment combination is now the first choice of treatment for acute promyelocytic leukaemia.

The three Laureates remain very active in the field of cancer research. Anne Dejean now primarily dedicates her research to continuing her studies of liver cancer, and to investigating the significance of protein modification in how cancer develops.

Hugues de The is interested in the potential for producing treatment methods for cancer that combine stimulating the cancer cells' maturation and blocking their ability to renew themselves, while Zhu Chen is investigating genetic and molecular changes in other forms of leukaemia.

Zhu Chen was quoted by the release as saying that he was honored to share the prize, "which recognizes important contributions to cancer research", with Dr. de The and Dr. Dejean.

"This prize means not only the glory, but even more importantly a responsibility ECCO Mens Yucatan Sandals Bison Black Australia , a responsibility for me, my team and our collaborators to continue efforts in the understanding of disease mechanisms of other types of haematological malignancies and to develop innovative, effective therapeutic strategies against those diseases through collaboration with other partners," Chen added.

Zhu Chen, born in 1953 in China, is now Professor at prestigious Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Anne Dejean, born in 1957 in France ECCO Mens Yucatan Sandals Tarmac Black Australia , is Professor at Institut Pasteur, France. Hugues de The, born in 1959 in France, is Professor at College de France, France.

The prize is awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and is funded by the Sjoberg Foundation. The foundation, with a donation of two billion Swedish krona (about 2.5 billion U.S. dollars), was founded in 2016 ECCO Mens Soft 8 Slip On Black Australia , and serves to promote scientific research that focuses on cancer, health and the environment.

The Prize is an annual international prize in cancer research awarded to individual researchers or research groups. The prize amounts to one million U.S. dollars, of which 100,000 U.S. dollars is the prize sum and 900,000 U.S. dollars is funding for future research.

Laureates are expected to conduct the official Sjoberg Prize Lecture at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm on April 12.

It's an exciting time for the sports industry in China.

While the country is still searching for its next wave of global stars, now that Yao Ming, Li Na and Liu Xiang have retired ECCO Mens Soft 8 High Top Black Australia , China has never been more central to the wider world of sports.

Just last week, there were reports that a Chinese consortium might have the inside track when it comes to buying English Premier League club Aston Villa, a team not in the same bracket as -Manchester United or Chelsea, but an established top-flight club -nonetheless.

While that particular deal may well come to nothing, the fact that Chinese companies and entrepreneurs are -regularly cited in these sorts of reports shows how central Chinese investment has become to the global sports industry.

Through Huawei's sponsorship of more than a dozen sports teams around the world to stakes by Wanda and United Vansen in European soccer clubs, Chinese money continues to head overseas, but increasingly it's a two-way street.

The Women's Tennis Association ECCO Rugged Track Gtx Moc Tie Mocha Australia , aiming to capitalize on China's surge in tennis that landed in its lap thanks to Li Na's success, has announced that a record nine -tournaments will be held in China in 2016, up from just two in 2012.

Similarly, Nike's new deal eight-year deal with the NBA reportedly had much to do with the Chinese market, where -basketball competes with -soccer for top spot in the popularity rankings.

Given the fact that several European soccer leagues vie with each other for attention from Chinese fans, while the NBA stands head and shoulders above its sole competitor the CBA, it is clear that the NBA is the most watched sports league in China.

No surprise ECCO Transit Slip On Moon Rock Australia , then, that Nike's Asia Pacific Team Camp, which aims to promote and train elite basketball talent, is taking place in Nanjing this week.

Joining Shabazz Muhammad of the Minnesota Timberwolves and former NBA player.



2018-07-10 06:12:25



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