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#1 2018-07-06 03:32:27

Final Prestige
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Paving solid wood flooring

<P>Specification size can not be ignored: on the market, 18mm thickness of solid wood flooring, is the size of the mainstream specifications, the average consumer in the purchase, more attention to length, width, inspection is also true. However, some businesses may also be the most hands and feet in the thickness, such as the thickness of 17mm board when selling 18mm, when consumers are generally difficult to pay attention to the details of the purchase, only this 1mm price may reach 5 yuan -10 yuan / Square meters or even higher.</P>
<P>Air protection after-sales service: When consumers choose solid wood flooring, they will pay more attention to after-sales service. At this time, don't let business people boast about five-year, ten-year shelf life. This is no guarantee. It basically does not matter when it is bought. Regarding the shelf life of solid wood flooring, the country's quality assurance standard is one year, and brands that can achieve a two-year warranty are already quite good. Not to mention five years or ten years, these commitments are nothing but confusion and hard to honor. Therefore, when buying solid wood flooring, we must look for a more reliable, long-term dealers in the market to do, and buy a slightly better brand, and some floors across the floor for brand change, we must pay attention.</P>
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2018-07-06 03:32:27



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