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#1 2018-07-06 01:10:01

Final Prestige
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home stores and shopping

Strength, strength and strength to jointly enhance the business philosophy and scale of the home market, for the region and even the country, is a new business format and model. Fitness, catering, cinema home stores and shopping mall mode The most important feature of the pan-home mode is to make the shopping venue rich.
In the past, consumers who went to the furniture store often had a single goal. The shopping list in mind has already thought about what bed to buy, a wardrobe or a lamp. The consumption method is straight, and the purchase is far greater than shopping.
When there are food courts, fitness centers, home design studios, and even children's entertainment venues in the furniture store, the time spent by consumers in the furniture store is greatly lengthened. Facilities around Huanan City, such as large supermarkets, cinemas, K T V, clothing stores, etc.,
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2018-07-06 01:10:01



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