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#1 2018-07-05 07:48:13

Final Prestige
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the best way to distinguish

the south half red rosewood on the back, and the half red rosewood. The second front was Myanmar. Pear, half African avocado on the back, half Burmese rosewood; the third is red rosewood black, half black on the back, half red; the fourth is red rosewood, half on the back, half red rosewood.
This is & lsquo; painted leather mahogany, in fact, two ways, one is dyeing, the second is to draw wood grain, of course, are looking for each other & lsquo; shaped wood. I don’t know how many consumers’ eyes are blinded by these two tricks!
Some friends asked me what is the best way to distinguish? Really no, the only way is to look at it. Now everyone looks at the two kinds of wood on the back, and then carefully look at the front, you should be able to feel the difference in color and texture, not completely unified as one!
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2018-07-05 07:48:13



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