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#1 2018-07-02 01:57:55

Final Prestige
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achieve strict control of production costs

Pre-sales model, a win-win relationship between production and inventory In the formulation of production planning and inventory management, Linshi Woods will place orders to the factory quantitatively when the actual order quantity of the customer reaches a certain level,
and the factory can timely formulate and adjust the production volume. Before the advent of the promotional season, Lin’s Wood will also appropriately store some hot-selling products. It is not blindly and unfounded that large-scale production will be carried out so as to achieve strict control of production costs and flexible control of inventory, and ultimately realize zero profits for profit.
By. Loss marketing is only good for word of mouth furniture, used to know. In 2014, Shuang Lin's Wood Group sold through a zero-profit loss. The audience discount was far lower than Tmall's five-percent discount, the price was even lower in the whole year of the year,
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2018-07-02 01:57:55

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