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#1 2018-06-13 13:06:51

Final Prestige
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The wardrobe company must remember

The wardrobe WeChat marketing should be planned and prepared; pay attention to the frequency of WeChat release. It is reasonable to suggest that the service number be released once a week, the company's subscription number is about twice a week, and Tuesday and Thursday are better at 5 pm.
Do not harass users every day. This is reasonable. The wardrobe company must remember that WeChat is a tool for communication and sales rather than the media. Compared with Weibo, the nature of WeChat is not reading but communication.
The closet company established a relationship with the customer through WeChat WeChat, and had some interaction with the customer, stimulating the customer's goodwill towards the company and thus better achieving the transaction. Therefore, for the wardrobe companies,
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2018-06-13 13:06:51

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