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#1 2018-06-08 10:28:55

Final Prestige
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shortcut to expand domestic sales

Whether it is building an independent store or entering a chain of home stores, the marketing network of furniture brands must be valued in domestic sales. In recent years, warehouse-style export furniture sales points have been built in many areas outside Beijing's Wuhuan.
The price is cheap and of good quality, and it is favored by many consumers. In addition, each salesperson in the sales network is also brand new. How to better recommend their products to consumers is also a problem that these export companies must think about.
Agents or OEMs Many export-oriented furniture companies, when turning to the domestic market, have a lack of visibility due to the short period of time they have transferred to the domestic market. Therefore, companies that have a good understanding of overseas markets often use imported brands as a shortcut to expand domestic sales.
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2018-06-08 10:28:55

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