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If your relationship is on the rocks and you are afraid divorce is inevitable Cristiano Ronaldo World Cup Jersey , think again. You may, with the right skills and enough effort, be able to save your marriage. However, it is not an easy process and both partners have to be willing to put in the work. You cannot fix a relationship by assuming the answer is your partner giving in. Here are a few tips on how to rescue you and your love from a bad situation.

You are an equal partner. Understand that the key to saving your marriage is not getting everything you demand or giving into whatever your partner once. These kinds of solutions are short term band-aids that only allow the situation to get worse. You both have to have an equal part in the relationship Cedric World Cup Jersey , though equality does not mean that you have exactly the same roles.

Remember that everything can be fixed. There is no problem that is impossible to repair if you and your partner are willing to work on it. It does not matter if you are feeling incompatible in the bedroom, dealing with an affair, or having money problems. Learning to communicate and being patient will help both of you come to terms with whatever has happened or is happening.

That does not mean that all sins have to be immediately forgiven, but you do have to be willing to work on the situation. Learn not to accuse or judge Bruno Fernandes World Cup Jersey , even when you are angry or you feel your partner is in the wrong. With enough work from both sides, your relationship can be salvaged.

Communication is important! Your partner is not a mind reader and may not know why you are feeling agitated or unhappy. However, in order to effectively communicate the problem, you also have to know what it is. It is vital that both partners in a relationship learn to examine their own thoughts Bruno Alves World Cup Jersey , emotions, and assumptions to come to a balanced solution. You cannot save your marriage if you do not know what is wrong.

Think hard about what the problems are and where they are really coming from. It is easy to blame your troubles on something obvious, but that is not always the real root of the trouble. Once you know what is happening in your mind and why you react the way you do, you and your partner can get to work on solving your problems.

You are going to have to give a few things up to save your marriage. If you and your partner spend a lot of time arguing Bernardo Silva World Cup Jersey , one of the things that is going to have to go is trying to win an argument. Really, there is no winner in a fight because every fight that is not resolved results in a deeper divide between you. As a couple, you will need to learn to address these situations as a challenge to solve, not a battle to win.

Remember Anthony Lopes World Cup Jersey , a marriage is a partnership. You have to work with your spouse to develop a relationship that functions and is healthy and positive for both persons. Do not be afraid to talk to a professional if you feel the need to. Marriage counselors and others are trained in teaching people how to talk to each other and work out their differences. If you are willing to put forth the effort, you can certainly save your marriage.
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Alan Largo is the creator and administrator of Save Any Marriage and strives to assist others identify with their adverse marital situation through informative reviews. Youre invited to visit Save Any Marriage to read his most recent article review.

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TOKYO, Feb. 1 (Xinhua) -- Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on Wednesday approved transplant of retinal cells to treat patients using induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells derived from another person.

According to Japan's public broadcaster NHK, the the application was filed in October last year by Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital, the government-backed Riken institute in Kobe, Kyoto University and Osaka University.

The procedure will involve using retinal tissue created from iPS cells that are more likely to be accepted by the patient's immune system.

By not using the patient's own cells, future costs and waiting time to prepare the transplant can be greatly reduced.

The cost, currently in the region of 100 million yen (882,000 U.S. dollars), can be reduced by 20 percent or more and the waiting time will be shortened from 11 months to one month.

In the unprecedented trial slated to take place in the first half of this year, researchers said they are planning to treat a patient with wet-type age-related macular degeneration, a serious eye condition, by transplanting retinal tissue derived from iPS tissue.

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