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#1 2018-06-07 08:59:12

Final Prestige
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the scarcity of serpentine wood

In the international market, serpentine wood is very expensive due to the scarcity of serpentine wood and the low yield of heartwood that can be used as a commodity (only about 10%). In some professional wood stations in the United States and Europe,
the most precious timber of the hood is cut into small pieces and sold at a price of up to 100 US dollars per kilogram. Serpentine Wood Features: Heartwood and sapwood differ significantly, sapwood is broad, yellowish white, and heartwood is dark reddish-brown, forming very slow.
Diameter of breast diameter is 50cm, heartwood is only 18 cm below, breast diameter is 38 cm, and heartwood is only 2.5-10 cm. The heartwood is characterized by irregular black spots and patterns. The pattern is fickle, resembling serpentine, hieroglyphics and English letters.
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2018-06-07 08:59:12

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