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#1 2018-06-06 10:09:05

Final Prestige
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Light-colored floor home collocation

Light-colored floor home collocation skills like this picture, we can easily see that it shows the beauty of the color match, is a very special beauty, is a very warm beauty, like a light-colored floor in the choice of furniture You must choose a floor that is similar in color to this floor, so that you can see the beauty of the floor and the furniture.
On the contrary, if the color and the color of the floor are too different, it will look very different. Suitable for home, more like a bar or hotel feel. Light-colored floor home collocation techniques like this one match, it has a quiet and beautiful,
like a young girl waiting for something quietly, perhaps waiting for you to match it for your own room. what are you waiting for? Get up and swap for your new home. This light-colored floor has a beautiful combination of colors. Like a dream, white walls, light gray floors, white and grey are popular combinations in recent years.
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2018-06-06 10:09:05

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