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#1 2018-06-06 01:51:11

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Good tile or wooden floor

<p>For a tile or wood floor, it can be said that both have their own advantages, and both of them have their own deficiencies. For wooden floors, it belongs to a wooden product. Relatively speaking, this product is high density plastic laminate flooring better than tiles in terms of warmth and comfort. It can be said that this product is more suitable for bedroom decoration. But for wood floors, the processing cost of this product is relatively high, and the kind of pure solid wood flooring on the market is relatively small, which will lead to the price of pure solid wood is relatively expensive. There are also some problems with the same use of wood floors. It is this kind of floor which also needs some waxing maintenance.</p> <p> At the same time, the requirements for the master in the installation will be price per square foot of wpc fence Germany higher. If it is not installed, it may result in a series of Problems, and the wooden floor is easy to wear, it is very troublesome to replace it. For tiles, the selectivity of this product will be relatively large. Due to the large number of designs, it is said that it is very popular in terms of aesthetics. Compared to wooden floors, ceramic tiles are more durable. If you want to get better insulation performance, you can say that this product is more suitable for everyday home use, use it has a good sense of comfort. Tiles on the soles of the feet are relatively stiff, and if teak floor marine italy they are wet, they are prone to slipping. </p> <p>Therefore, the bathrooms are generally made of anti-slip tiles. In terms of price and daily use, tiles are relatively It will have a great advantage over wood floors. Tile construction is also easier and easier to install. Tiles are good or wood flooring is good, according to the above introduction we can choose according to their needs, but also remember to combine their own home decoration style and some economic conditions to choose their own material, the general family it will be in the living room , Kitchen and bathroom selection of tiles, for example, like the bedroom study will choose handrail designs for decks treated wood the wooden floor, so the choice is economic and comfortable.</p>



2018-06-06 01:51:11



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