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#1 2018-06-05 12:30:10

Final Prestige
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Floor wax, floor oil products have their own advantages

<p>Floor renovation is done by grinding the floor surface, scraping mud, painting, waxing and polishing, so that the old floor as new. Compared with the re-purchase of the floor, the old floor to adapt to the indoor environment, better stability, renovation costs are much cheaper.</p>
<P>Not all wood flooring is suitable for renovation. Strengthen the floor surface with a layer of wear-resistant aluminum oxide layer, renovation of the floor will destroy the wear-resistant layer, resulting in accelerated aging of the floor, so the floor can not be refurbished to strengthen. Only solid wood flooring up to 4 mm in surface thickness, parquet and bamboo flooring can be refurbished. Because the floor surface after several polished, it will be polished off 1-2 mm, if the floor is too thin, it will polish the middle layer, affecting the service life of the floor, it must ensure that the floor surface thickness greater than 4 mm.</P>
<P>Consumers can learn from the seller to their own floor surface thickness. In addition, local refurbishment will also create new and old differences between floors, so consumers can not blindly refurbish the wooden floor.</P>
<h3>Floor renovation to make consumers also pay attention to the following points:</h3>
<P>1. Solid wood composite parquet wood color if it is not soaked in color but the surface coloring, or color is relatively thin layer of wood, after grinding will destroy its parquet effect, it is recommended not to refurbish. Strengthen the floor can not be refurbished, because of its surface layer of wear-resistant aluminum oxide, renovation will destroy its wear-resistant layer, exacerbating the aging of the floor.</P>
<P>2. If the floor has been damaged, mildew or deformation, the more serious situation is generally difficult to refurbish the remedy. In order to ensure the quality of floor renovation, it is best to ask a more professional renovation company or cleaning company responsible for the project, if conditions permit, you can also ask professional supervision personnel to supervise the construction.</P>
<P>3. Therefore, consumers choose home improvement floor renovation Do not blindly believe that the one-stop business words, wooden floor renovation must be a professional renovation company before the visit, should not because of the affordable and ignored the feasibility of things, blindly follow suit will make people Not worth the candle.</P>
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2018-06-05 12:30:10



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