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#1 2018-06-05 02:20:34

Final Prestige
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can grow commonly

inese bulrush grows rate is rapid, can grow 5 centimeter everyday, can grow commonly 3 reach 4 meters, bulrush of 1 hectare China can build house of a zoology. vinyl 2x4 lumber fence low cost In addition, bulrush is cultivated simple, need a few fertilizer only, need not use agriculture chemical, look from zoology angle, it is OK that every cultivate bulrush of 1 hectare China sponge makes an appointment with 30 tons of carbon dioxide (be
equivalent to travel of a heavy-duty lorry the discharge capacity of 150 thousand kilometer) . General heart doctor studies Chinese bulrush already had 10 long time. A year half plastic composite timber india previously, he and building engineer He Libai cooperate especially, research obtains Chinese bulrush the breakthrough as housing materials. They join the mineralizer that invents by Helibaite when cement and bulrush agitate, made bulrush

cement brick. At present cement brick is returned as stability of main wall body is not best, but regard housetop as material simply spotless, very welcome of benefit from wood paneling a good insulation door. The scientist makes conclude after the analysis to bulrush of 26 kinds of China, the effect of breed sound insulation with the large space inside bulrush stalk is best; The variety with high content of the silicon in bulrush had



2018-06-05 02:20:34



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