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#1 2018-06-04 16:06:16

Final Prestige
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of transparent, translucent or stained

<p>hardness, easy and convenient cleaning, the surface does not vacuum, do not stain, as well as good fire retardant properties. 4, Lvkou Ban low cost, long service life, but also not easy to aging and deformation, discoloration, in the domestic high-end integrated ceiling market performance is impressive. Lvkou plate installation and analysis: 1, installed at the same level of aluminum trimming angle. 2, keel </p>
<p>boom spacing to be consistent, the spacing should not exceed 1.2 meters, keel spacing remains 1.2 meters. 3, the pre-installed in the triangle keel hanging together with the triangular keel and light steel keel perpendicular to the sheet by a good pitch connection, and then adjust the level. 4, the side plate with a small pit side of the edge of the pit pressed into parallel triangular keel seams, first installed after the </p>
<p>cross-direction of the two sides to find the right angle after a straight line to step by row to buckle plate, each row after the buckle to Adjust once to ensure that the board surface is flat, vertical joints. 5, the last pinch, it is best to wear gloves, both to prevent the edge of the aluminum pinch finger scratches, but also to ensure that no left on the aluminum pinch off, affect the aesthetics. (Note: If there is fouling </p>
<p>Oslo veneer deck boards<br />
best fence no stains<br />
factory sale composite board</p>



2018-06-04 16:06:16



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