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#1 2018-05-16 10:48:51

Final Prestige
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down forest basically already

Yellow River saves forest zone to stop cut down forest basically already, and two provinces also press Yunnan, Guizhou considerably decrease forest to cut plan. The forest such as Guangdong,anti-static composite fence suppliers  Guangxi, Jiangxi, Hunan, Zhejiang produced an area to also carry out limitation to cut. Natural resources of native land forest arrives for merit great limitation. Because cut to decrease considerably, suffer effect of supply

demand relations, lumber market sale is quick, the price rises, stock keep long in stock is few. The market sells the broad Xie Lin of northeast forest zone sign is good. ikea interlocking decking squares review Broad this year leaf is decorated, furniture is not decreased with material demand, price dominant position is strong. Sell fast, price except high grade broad Xie Lin tall outside, high grade needle leaf lumber produces Korean pine, Bai

Song, fallen leaves to loosen like traditional northeast,composite wood prices Tacoma  old way is sold quickly, trail is likewise welcome, in different area, total value level grows to go to 100 yuan in 40 yuan compared to the same period between. The Bai Song after treatment, fall the pine is thick board market is better. In south, production of timber of before this year 3 quarters and sale compare the Fujian outdoor usage wpc composite tiles Province the corresponding



2018-05-16 10:48:51

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