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#1 2018-05-14 00:51:44

Final Prestige
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What is iron camphor wood

<P>1, the purpose of waxing, especially the newly renovated wooden floor early conservation, the formation of a protective film to separate the floor and dirt to avoid direct contact with these dirt floor wood, or even infiltrated the paint, resulting in difficult to clean in the future.</P>
<P>2, through the continuous waxing, and gradually formed "oil board" to maintain the wood floor moisture neither lead to leakage of dry burst, nor absorption led to expansion, so as to keep the floor without deformation and non-cracking; surface paint to maintain proper grease, even if Direct sunlight does not change color.</P>
<P>3, to improve the bright wood flooring, to maintain the flexibility of the floor, the effect better than once again. Ya Asia experts remind the floor a long time will find that the surface will be some wear or even black, floor protection, waxing is a routine maintenance mode. Floor waxing is the main role is to maintain, protect the wooden floor, while increasing the floor brightness, beautiful.</P>
<P>4, wood floor waxing is coated with a layer of wax on its surface, the wax cured air, water vapor, dust, at the same time play a non-slip, anti-wear, anti-static effect, so as to better maintain the floor, The life of the floor.</P> "porch flooring options composite fencing,deck designs and plans estimators,most economical non slip vinyl flooring "



2018-05-14 00:51:44



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