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#1 2018-03-12 07:37:40

Final Prestige
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anxiety of people

city and Henan the in a state of anxiety of people will of people that each city makes a living with plank treatment, agog care on November 15, the most severe " pvc patio panels price China Town shutdown makes " open, plank factory whether shutdown, worrying in case shutdown, winter can be hit without labour, earn without Qian Ke how to do, website of Chinese timber industry is in what Ceng Fawen will point out this shutdown

makes basically be aimed at cheap composite door for sale on November 2 is the serious pollution industry such as iron and steel, cooking, building materials, plasterboard, shandong He lustre the need that already released does not include board industry company in shutdown company list, , shandong He lustre, talk about city and industry of Henan province board to be produced ceaselessly, thermoplastic polymer patio decking before can following 15 days,

same as usual is produced. In the light of " the most severe shutdown makes " if an industry needs a large number of stop production, the government is met early issue an announcement, lustre city of Shandong province He and each county will released the industrial business list of stop production on September 26, composite flooring for backyard decks add up to 140. Include biology pharmacy company, building materials enterprise,



2018-03-12 07:37:40



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