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#1 2018-03-12 03:22:56

Final Prestige
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kinds of black

5 belong to 8 kinds of black acerbity branches in kind, so on the market also common says Indonesian black acerbity branch. Come nearly two years, broad Xiehuang convenience disassembly plywood die board the one's previous experience of Zheng Miaogong of Tan Yiji root (" annatto " branch of GB black acid kind) , be compared with higher sexual price and get the welcome of a lot of consumer, turn to fizzle out to produce broad page

the annatto manufacturer of 7x23 wooden beam costs wingceltis furniture is increasing also, log and furniture sales volume are climbed ceaselessly litre, those who make instantly annatto market is new bestow favor on. the 7th kind: Hematic wingceltis These two years are exceedingly hot, still do not calculate GB annatto at present, its color, grain extremely as similar as balcony with stairs to yard Indian flocculus rosewood. The 8th kind:

Hedgehog rosewood The 2011 absolutely brunt of half of country of market of low Duan Gongmu in be being held later! Hedgehog rosewood belongs to Hua Limu for attaching composite deck railing posts red sandalwood kind, advocate originate in intertropical Africa western country, also be called by common of a lot of people in the market so " African Hua Limu " . In fact, hedgehog rosewood furniture, provide material benefit of tension,



2018-03-12 03:22:56



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