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#1 2018-03-09 10:56:33

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the scope

<p>The choice of aluminum and the scope of application The selection of aluminum foil must pay attention to match with the hot stamping substrate. What kind of substrate to choose the type and type of  bamboo deck reviews  aluminum is not the same. For example: Lehman Technology's HB type of aluminum is used on fabrics, and you are going to stamp it on plastics. It definitely cannot be matched. Therefore, the user in the choice of aluminum, in addition to considering the color and price of aluminum, the substrate stamping and the surface state (whether in the printing ink layer, the surface of the coating or coating hot stamping) is necessary to supply Business explanation.</p> <p> Applications General plastic gold foil paper: for the diversity of plastics, can provide hot foil in a variety of materials  indoor garden flooring design  on the foil. Auxiliary materials bronzing: A bronzing version, bronzing wheel, foil cutting machine and other auxiliary materials sales bronzing, bronzing version, bronzing wheel is divided into two kinds of Taiwan, the mill durable.</p> <p> Dian Hualv, bronzing plate, bronzing wheel, bronzing accessories, gold foil paper summarized as bronzing materials. Lok technology technology plastic sheet, rubber roller from the United States and Japan, for a large area of thermal transfer, can obtain a uniform and beautiful processing surface. Cots can be heated above 400 ℃ without affecting its flexibility, toughness and  building a garden bed with fence posts  tensile strength, into the durable, no deformation, the length of the complete specifications.</p>



2018-03-09 10:56:33



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