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#1 2018-01-10 10:17:28

Final Prestige
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introduced the advantages and disadvantages

<p>buffer heavy glass fell to the ground is not easy to crack, to ensure that feet feel comfortable, close to the carpet, Ideal for older people and children. Walking on hard ground, poor foot feeling, walking for a long time will sore and damage the foot bones. 5, pvc floor plastic wear-resistant, scratch-resistant PVC floor surface has a layer of special high-tech processing of wear-resistant layer, the wear-resistant </p>
<p>rotation up to 300000 rpm. In the traditional flooring materials, wear-resistant laminate flooring wear-resistant rotation only 13000 rpm, good laminate flooring is only 20000 rpm. Super wear-resistant, impact resistance, deformation, reusable, the service life is generally 20-30 years. pvc flooring price (for reference only) Venues laying floor 268.00 / m Bo Ya Alice PVC floor 88.00 / sq m LG Fox crystal </p>
<p>PVC floor 38.00 / sq m LG Yun Po PVC floor 160.00 / square meter South Korea LG Hui Bao 53.00 / Square meters dedicated staircase PVC floor 400.00 / square meter LG Chi Po PVC floor 138.00 / square meter LG core Po conductive PVC floor 80.00 / square meter LG butterfly color PVC floor 38.00 / square meter Armstrong PVC floor 360.00 / square meter PVC Plastic floor 150.00 / square </p>
<p>outdoor carpet tiles for decks<br />
outdoor antislip fiberglass floor panel<br />
wpc diy boards used for casual desktop</p>



2018-01-10 10:17:28



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