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#1 2017-10-12 09:13:38

Final Prestige
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laminate flooring market has risen

<p>breakthrough progress means that the US intellectual property 'stick' <a href=''>how to make a 4ft chain link fence to 6ft</a>may be removed from the Chinese flooring industry. July 2005, the elephant elephant, Shengda and other 18 Chinese flooring companies by the United States Unilin Beheer and the Netherlands Unilin, the Irish flooring industry company put on the dock, the reason is that a small floor lock 'infringed' their patent , The requirements of the provisions of the United States under the provisions of Article 337 prohibit the Chinese enterprises to enter the US market,wood flooring patterns and China's annual exports of 30 million square meters of composite flooring levy US $ 1 per square meter of royalties, </p>
<p>totaling tens of millions of dollars. China's 5,000 floor enterprises, the annual export volume of 175 million US dollars, if the payment of this royalties, no doubt a lot of Chinese flooring business unprofitable.<a href=''>pergola roof panels</a> A year later, the elephant, Feilinger, up to three leading enterprises in China flooring industry joint set good law firm and the United States Zhongda law firm, jointly designed the 'No. 7 lock floor', a few days ago, The US International Trade Commission (ITC) has ruled that the product can enter the United States. 'Detour design' of the 'No. 7 lock floor' not only let the Chinese wood floor curve into the United States,wood polymer composites siding texas more likely to break </p>
<p>UniLin's 'cash cow.'<a href=''>jewson decking prices</a> 'At present, there is no definite news that China's three flooring companies have been in the floor lock patent infringement case to obtain a complete victory, but the positive response is worthy of the enterprise, showing a good attitude.' China's forest industry Association of Zhang Senlin on the elephant group, Feilinger, up to three Chinese flooring manufacturers to actively respond to the United States 337 survey spoke highly to hide grooved deck boards In the face of the United States waving intellectual property 'stick', Chinese enterprises often because of complicated procedures and huge cost options to give up responding. But in the face of the </p>



2017-10-12 09:13:38



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