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#1 2017-10-12 02:45:01

Final Prestige
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lumber to import

country marine lumber to import the advantage of the biggest port, lumber import volume is climbed ceaselessly litre. It is the main Wood Plastic Composites Deck Are Eco Friendly distribution centre that our country cork imports. Capture of state of heart of accept of Er of Indian peaceful rice contrabands red sandalwood log in great quantities    Indian message, dilupadi police this Zhou Si

(on March 16) in Taimiernade state (Tamil Nadu) county of Lu Wa Lu of the base of a fruit (Tiruvallur District) capture log of 541 branches Composite Deck Comparison And Pricing rosewood, gross weight exceeds 7 tons, arrest one person, but 3 people are at large. This is the 11st capture since red sandalwood wood contrabanded special operation group to hold water instead in May 2016

confiscates incident. According to Dilupadi city alarm be in charge of Chayalakeshenmi (Ms. R. Jayalakshmi) view, so far, in action of 7 Composite Fences Alternative Wood Fences suppress smuggling the some that register hunts down incident to be amounted to 45 cases, arrest 280 people, among them 102 people come from how must help nation, 178 people come from other country; In 10 the Wpc Deck Board Supplier



2017-10-12 02:45:01



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