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#1 2017-10-12 01:58:31

Final Prestige
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seems to explain

<p>how to make consumption Knowing and paying attention has become a big problem. And well-known home appliance brand to form a different industry alliance, the floor brand is more important is the household appliances brand well-known brand awareness, the starting point and the first popular star endorsement brand strategy is the </p>
<p>same thing. This seems to explain why the elephant in the promotional activities in the repeated bundled 'F4' star floor, because the product is its latest in 2010, the main product. On the other side of the Union home appliances brand, they did not expect from the floor brand to get too much awareness of its brand to enhance the help, they </p>
<p>are more focused on the flooring brand in the consumer terminal from the product show Chen, channel To promote after-sales service to the brand's promotional capabilities, as well as its front-line user information database on the advantages of resources. The difference between the two brands of the strength of the more important </p>
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2017-10-12 01:58:31



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