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#1 2017-10-11 07:30:31

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What is floor wax, essential oil?

<P>1, clean: especially the newly renovated floor, early maintenance, the formation of a protective film, isolated from the floor and dirt, to avoid these dirt directly into contact with the floor,flower planter out of pallets or even penetrate the paint inside, resulting in difficult future cleaning.</P>
<P>2, moisture: through the continuous waxing, and gradually form a "plate" to keep the water in the floor is neither leakage caused by dry burst,recycled plastic building material do not absorb lead to expansion, so as to keep the floor is not deformed and not cracked.</P>
<P>3, protection: the surface of the paint to maintain the appropriate grease, even if there is direct sunlight does not change color. Improve the floor light,wood plastic composite material for outdoor stair to maintain the flexibility of the floor, the effect is better than once again.</P>



2017-10-11 07:30:31

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