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#1 2017-10-11 07:29:10

Final Prestige
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Expired milk maintenance wood flooring principle

<P>After the milk expires, the taste will change acid, which will increase the lactic acid content of milk, and lactic acid is a natural detergent,characteristic of composite deck furniture you can clean the wood floor. In addition, the milk contained in the protein box fat and other substances, you can form a layer of protective film on the wooden floor, not only the wood floor bright as new, but also to protect the wood floor surface is not too much wear or scratches.</P>
<P>Milk oil in the solid wood flooring surface, but also the use of wood flooring to maintain the original color, easy to bleach or discolorationcontractor van composite flooring company, it is not easy to make wood floor deformation.</P>
<P>In the wood floor, the first expired milk into the basin, and then add twice the water dilution. Wipe the wipes and wipe the floor. If the amount of milk is expired,rigid wood composite fence you can wipe the floor with milk once a week.</P>
<P>In fact, in life, many daily necessities can play the role of maintenance of wood flooring. For example: Taomi water containing crude fiber, potassium and starch,build a floating balcony floor after one or two rinse of Taomi Shui was weak acid, with detergency, you can also clean the wood floor.</P>



2017-10-11 07:29:10

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