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Final Prestige
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Electron beam furnace

The furnace is heated and melted by high-speed electron bombardment of the material (shown in Fig. 4). In a vacuum furnace shell, the cathode is heated by a low-voltage filament to emit electrons. The electron beam accelerates motion by accelerating the high-voltage electric field of the anode, bombarding the metal material at the anode and converting the electric energy into heat. Since the electron beam can be highly dense by the electromagnetic focusing device, it is possible to produce a high temperature at the site where the material is bombarded. Electron beam furnace for melting special steel, refractory and lively metal.
Industrial furnaces are classified into two types: a periodic working furnace and a continuous working furnace.отрицательное давление вакуумного насоса рук лаборатории Безмасляные мембранные вакуумный насос
Cycling furnace is divided into: box furnace, sealed box furnace, pit furnace, bell furnace furnace, trolley furnace, dumping roller furnace.Vacuum Controlled atmosphere muffle furnace up to 1600C
Continuous operation furnace is divided into: kiln furnace furnace, putter furnace, roller furnace, vibration furnace, turn furnace, step furnace, traction furnace, continuous drum furnace, conveyor belt furnace. One conveyor belt furnace can be divided into: a net belt furnace, stamping chain plate furnace, casting chain plate furnace.Horno de resistencia eléctrica horno de vacío



2017-10-11 02:49:29



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